July 18-20th 2014: Camping at Morning Star Lake. Swam with logs, hiked through the forest and sat for hours by the campfire. Enjoyed every second spent with my one love ❤️




Say NO to captivity!

I understand sanctuaries but we really don’t need parks/zoos that are there purely for the entertainment of the people.

It really isn’t so black and white. Like sure, I don’t want elephants in captivity but the flipside of it is I don’t want people hunting them for ivory either. And as terrible as you think living in a circus or zoo may be, at least they aren’t dead. Ideally, yes the idea of this post sounds great, but realistically there is more to it.

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I feel like I have found the one. But have I? I don’t know. My thoughts on marriage were rather positive ones but now, only the next day, they have changed. I am not sure what it is I really want because of what I’ve seen in you. That scares me. I’m terrified of having what my mom and dad had. A childhood which consisted of constant fighting and bad memories really makes one step back and realize they just want happiness in their life. They just want someone who will talk rather than argue and make them feel safe and ALWAYS loved no matter what. They want someone whose understanding and can trust them.

… Someone who will swear and make it clear to never be like those who raised us into different people than they are.